Ball And Socket Construction Engineering Building Set STEM Learning Toys(100pcs)


Endless fun with unlimited design options. Unlike other STEM toys with limited creations in the market, this building set doesnt limit kids imaginations. Kids can design and bulid their own cool creations as they like! Great educational toy to help enhance kids science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills. Kids need to think about the creations, assembly steps and then assemble it. All can help them increase creativity and develop spatial imagination, logical thinking, shape recognition and hand-eye coordination ability. Also a great toy for kids to share with family and friends. Kids can share their ideas and assemble them happily together. It is also a challenging and fun assembly activity to help enhance family relationship. Meland STEM toy can grow with your kids. this construction set supports kids to assemble creations from easy mode to hard mode. Recommended for kids age 3+, younger kids can start from easy creations. Safe toy for kids to play with. This building toy is made of solid ABS, absolutely non toxic, not easy to break or snapped. Smooth edges avoid scratching hands. Can be easily stored back in the container after play. Parts are washable to keep clean.
Meland STEM Learning Toy challenges kids to design and build their own creations with unlimited design options! A great educational toy to help kids develop science, technology, engineering and math skills. Younger kids can start with easy creations and build harder creations as they grow up. Meland building set is a STEM toy that can grow with your kids! Just choose Meland STEM toy to make your kids laugh and learn!

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