Gourmet Prep n Serve Kitchen


This ultra modern kitchen has everything little chefs want to play pretend, including real cooking sounds and separate cooking and eating areas.


Key Features:


Sleek “granite” countertops and “stainless steel” appliances – Just like real kitchens!
Microwave, refrigerator, and oven with working doors
Electronic stove burners make real cooking sounds
Plenty of surface prep area space and cupboards for storage
Comes with 18 fun accessories 1-Play phone, 1-Stool, 1-Plate, 1-Fork, 1- Knife, 1-Spoon, 1-Cup, 1-Cutting board, 1-Carving knife, 1-Pot, 1-Pan, 1-Spatula, 1-Hamburger with bun, 1-Orange, 1-Corncob, and 1-Apple


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Age 3 years +

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